Social Awareness

Resources for Teachers

1. Lesson Plan about Empathy

2. Video from Sesame Street on Empathy                        3. Video about "I- Messages"


4. Worksheets












   "I Could Help By" 

5. Free Ebook that provides lessons and worksheets for developing social skills. Refer to the following     activities:​ 


  • Activity 19 - Interpreting Body Language

  • Activity 38 - Empathy

  • Activity 47 - Understanding the behavior of others

  • Activity 71 - Listening during a conversation

  • Activity 75 - Active Listening

6. Social Spy activity


7. Listening Poster 









1. Empathy and social skills building game


2. Chain Activity - Understanding how emotions can have a chain reaction in other people

The ability to recognize, understand, and respond to other people’s emotions.

Resources for Parents
Empathy vs Sympathy